About Us




We learn as much about your business as we can by analysing data, before delivering digital strategies that meet and exceed your online objectives.

We deliver quality content

With a number of qualified Journalists in-house, we deliver content strategies that increase search visibility, provide valuable PR, increase brand awareness and drive revenue.

We Care

We like to think of ourselves as passionate, creative and competitive online marketers – an extension of your Team and not just another agency churning out tick sheet recommendations.

We’re Technical Tuners

Our Technical Team love nothing more than rolling their sleeves up and getting under the bonnet of your website to fix issues that hinder search engine performance.

Not just a bunch of pretty faces…

We’re Personable

Our ethos ensures every client receives a friendly, professional and personal service with a dedicated Account Manager that speaks your language. No jargon, no BS, just measured recommendations based around data that will make your website work better.

We’re Experts

With a pool of talent ranging from computer geeks and statisticians to web psychologists, journalists and on-the-pulse marketers, we together are obsessed about making a difference to your business.

We’re Happy To Answer Questions

If you’d like to find out more about how High Position can drive forward your digital marketing campaign, give us a call today!

We’re Wise

Oh, and we’re one of the most experienced agencies around (14 years young, and plenty of life in the old dog yet!)

We Measure. Everything!

We like to crunch data and measure progress, based on goals that matter to you! Whether you’re looking to build brand presence, boost traffic levels, increase conversions or something more unique – we will strategise, measure and deliver results according to your specific needs, providing recommendations on how to make website improvements that matter.
We measure ROI so we can show how much of a difference we will make to your bottom line.

We’re Best Buds With Google

We’re proud to be one of Google’s longest serving Analytics and AdWords Certified Partners.
We get to schmooze with the world’s most powerful search engine, attending quarterly product updates, training days, events and the annual summit in California. More importantly, these close connections allow our clients the opportunity for AdWords beta testing – recently including Remarketing within Search and YouTube advertising – perfect for businesses looking to get ahead of the rest!

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