We all agree that the customer comes first, so this should also be true of their online experience, right?What are your customers looking for? Is your website simple to navigate? Is it instantly clear what users have to do?

You can have all the traffic in the world coming to your website, but unless your visitors are converting, it will not make a difference to your bottom line. User Experience Testing [UX] is the process of testing variations of key pages within your website to discover what provides you with the most conversions, whether that is generating enquiries or making sales.

Why is user experience testing so important?

  • Make more from the traffic you already have
  • Gain more return on investment
  • A small change can mean BIG benefits
  • Your users speak through data, so LISTEN!

UX, or Conversion Rate Optimisation [CRO] as it is also known, provides valuable insight into how website users behave within your site, providing the data you need to make decisions that make your website perform better. You might have great instincts for your customers, but unless you have the data to back up conversions within the website it is just speculation! The measurability and accountability within digital is one of its key attributes; user experience testing turns data into decisions that can make you money.

UX Testing that gets RESULTS

We are an approved Google Website Optimisation specialist and we work closely with Google developing and sharing case studies. In addition we get cutting edge insight into the latest tools and platforms available to make your website achieve its true potential.As much as you may know your business and customers, our experience in UX and CRO has taught us that nothing is certain until you have the data to back it up.

High Position have delivered massive increases in revenue by TESTING small changes!

We are a meticulous bunch here at High Position. Our campaigns are all built on in-depth analysis of your business, market and your website. We perform extensive technical and competitor analysis, as we have found that small changes can deliver BIG results. For example, we have increased conversion rates by more than 100% for some of our clients inside a month.

Cutting Edge UX Tools

High Position use the most recent analytical tools to run our user experience testing and thiscutting edge technology enables us to discover how your customers behave. Where are your users going once they land on your site? What questions do they have that are not being answered? Is the path to conversion clear enough? Is it simple enough to make a purchase or contact you? All these questions are answered with data from our rigorous testing.

Test Improve! Test Improve! Test Improve!

In the digital age we have such small windows to make an impression on our customers. If your website is not addressing the immediate needs of your users instantly, then they will hit the back button and look elsewhere. Continuous testing ensures you are constantly monitoring your customers’ behaviour, exploring ways to make their experience better which results in more business.