“There is no point creating a fantastic website selling wonderful products if nobody can find it.”
– Sunday Times

Can you imagine life without a search engine? Did you know there are more than 11 billion searches a month in Google alone? Search is now so integrated with our personal and professional lives, that we expect relevant and authoritative information at the click of a button instantly.

Why is organic search so important?

  • Organic search results are the most trusted and define you as an authority
  • 70% of searchers choose organic results over sponsored search results
  • Visitors that find your website through organic search engine listing will spend more time
  • Most of your customers use search engines to research services, products and brands
  • Organic search traffic has a higher conversion rate than other mediums

Search engine visibility is now extremely competitive and takes ongoing commitment. It will not happen overnight, however it has the potential to transform the performance of your website.

SEO That Delivers RESULTS

Our innovative process is put to work with one objective – to make you more money online. Every business and market is unique, so our first step is to learn about your business. We work with you to establish what your objectives are and how they translate to website goals that will make you money.

One size fits all strategies do not work. We build a custom strategy based on an in-depth understanding of your organisation, your industry and our insight into key SEO factors. Landfill search strategy does not work. The game changes constantly so ‘big strategy’ targeting a narrow selection of generic keywords has become obsolete in the rapidly evolving searchscape.

“We have exceeded the forecast we agreed in the contract by 97%. This is a real great achievement. I must admit I did not really think you could do better than the forecast, which was very ambitious in my book, but you have proven me wrong and I like that. I am very much looking forward to the New Year and the great achievements we have ahead”.

Per Burmeister – Manager of Web Marketing – Sony Europe

Agile Search Engine Optimisation

High Position practice agile search engine optimisation. If you have a picture of our team of experts analysing keywords whilst doing the splits then think again. As great as that sounds, we flex our muscles in a more cerebral way. Agile search engine optimisation describes the process we have developed to ensure mobility is at the core of our campaigns, enabling us to react when search engines move the goal posts.

What is Agile SEO?

We have been working in search engine optimisation for over 14 years, during that time we have navigated our clients through the rapids of many search engine updates. Based on our experience, High Position have developed a process that enables us to adapt our campaigns in realtime response to the ever changing expectations of search engines. This is agile SEO.

As the search engine landscape changes so rapidly, smaller strategies regularly reviewed keeps us at the cutting edge and enables us to take advantage of the latest opportunities. This is bolstered by our firm understanding of the fundamental principles of organic search engine optimisation that provide a constant foundation.

We achieve this by creating compact data-driven strategies targeting the core elements of SEO, then review them regularly. We use cutting edge analytical tools to review your website’s progress for key ranking factors and compare our findings to search engine trends realised through our ongoing research and development.

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