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Social Media Essentials For Your Business

So, you’re busy, really busy, getting your business up and running. You find your entrepreneurial self and your team taking on a number of roles and, even as your team grows, it’s still impossible to find time to keep a stream of social media posts going out daily?

Contracting a PR agency or employing a marketing assistant is a costly investment for small businesses, especially during a start-up phase, so why not try Social Amplify?

Social Amplify is an entry level social media solution for SMEs; a solution that uses Facebook and Twitter and relieves some of the day-to-day strain of social media. Without the daily headache of posting about something new, different and interesting you can focus on more urgent tasks and deadlines.

Social Amplify Benefits

For just £200 per month you get:

  • 2 bespoke business related posts per channel, per day
  • Access to a bespoke news indexing system for industry inspiration!
  • Access to a unique dashboard allowing you to:
    • Monitor activity
    • Monitor important statistics
    • Schedule your own custom posts & tweets – great for ramping up activity around peak seasons
  • Integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds onto your website – adding credibility to your homepage and giving search engines fresh content to crawl
  • Set up alerts to notify you every time your brand is mentioned on Facebook or Twitter – allowing you to jump in and respond to any engagement, as you would if a customer called your office
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